1. Cover letter on organization letterhead outlining the request and the amount requested. Is this a one time or multi-year request?

2. A short proposal summary.

3. Main proposal should contain:
-----Statement of problem or need
-----Explanation of why your organization is particularly qualified to address this problem or need
-----Brief history of the organization
-----Constituencies that would be served by the project
-----List of principal coordinators of the program
-----Timetable, from start to end
-----How will project be evaluated? Measured?

4. A detailed project budget and overall organizational budget.*

5. Financial statement and most recent audit.*

6. IRS - tax exemption letter of fiscal sponsor letter.*

7. List of board of directors with professional affiliations.*

8. A list of major donors with amounts and years in which grants were made. Outline of plan to secure additional funding.*

9. Supporting materials, brochures, programs, etc.*

*If applicable.

Please send completed request to:

Andy Dzurinko, CLU
2177 E Warner Rd #102
Tempe, Az 85284
(480) 921-9341
FAX: (480) 467-3321